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My hair has always been very fine and it took effort to appear nice. Recently, some events, medical issues, and stress resulted in tremendous thinning of my already fine hair.

Carrie has been my stylist for a long time and she worked hard to create a look that worked with my hair issues, but it was getting harder with each visit. She saw my concerns and recommended a new hair system. 

A miracle!!

I hadn't realized that I was losing my confidence and self esteem along with my hair. I no longer think twice about running out of the house without putting each hair in an optimal place and spraying it so it won't move. I can just GO!

My confidence is back and I am enjoying my life more fully than ever before. While I still don't like to have my picture taken, I don't worry about the appearance of my hair. I am no longer the 'ghost mom' behind the camera.

Thank you Carrie for restoring my confidence! Not only do I enjoy the moments with my family and friends more, but I can also be seen in those special moments. Moments captured, not only in my heart and mind, but in pictures and videos as well.

-Alana Pionk

After years of trying to cover up my increasingly thin hair, and having tried all the shampoos, vitamins and powders out there to disguise my female baldness, I did some investigative work on the computer only to find this amazing hairdresser named Carrie and her solution to my problem・ In a very emotional decision, I decided to try a hairpiece and with Carrie's guidance, I could not be happier.

It's a commitment to yourself to put one foot in front of the other and to put your trust in Carrie and believe me, you will come away feeling so much better about yourself and looking so good and comfortable in your own skin.

I know you ladies that feel like I did, ashamed, embarrassed, self-conscious and ill at ease, will feel and look amazing after Carrie is done with you. You are treated on an individual basis with kindness and understanding in her home based salon, and she understands how emotional a decision this is. I would highly recommend her and this process for anyone who has thinning hair.


Any one that does not have female pattern balding or really thin hair has no way to know what this system means to a person.

It helps you to feel beautiful when you look in the mirror. I have always had thin hair, but now without the system, you can plainly see my scalp and I feel I look terrible. This changes the way I see my self.

It has changed my self-confidence. It is like losing weight, I just feel good about myself. I would recommend this to anybody who has thin hair, or suffers from female pattern balding. Easy to maintain and affordable.

Kathy, from Petoskey,Mi


My hair is natural looking, easy to care, and it enhances my looks and self esteem

Betty, from Boyne City, Mi

Hair restoration clients testimonial

testimonial for happy hair restoration clients

Starting in my late twenties, my fine limp hair started thinning. My center part just kept getting wider and wider. A few decades

later, I had what I called  called  "see through hair." I no longer could cover up the shiny scalp with careful combing, powers or thickener sprays.

My perfect solution is this unit which affixes to the top of my head that looks, feels and acts like my real hair.

It blends beautifully, shampoos, swims and styles like a normal head of hair.

Truly a tremendous confidence booster, I highly recommend this product to any female or male who is uncomfortable with thinning hair or other hair loss situations.

Sue, from Charlevoix, Mi