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At 48 years old,I found myself with very little brows to shape or tweeze, I started to use a pencil to add color so you could see them!  Then... I met Carrie at Hair Reflections who told me about Microblading. I have to admit I was pretty apprehensive. I fiured it's just as easy to draw them on. Carrie then showed my some pictures, and after talking about it a little more, I figured why not!   I can't tell you how happy I was!!!I I not only had eyebrows again, but they looked healthy, beautiful, and full!    Carrie explained very step along the way, and she takes her time to make sure it's done right. If you follow the simple instructions Carrie give you, you will so pleased with your new Look!!              Penny, From Petoskey


I love my Brows!!! The frame for your eyes, and my eyes are now framed beautifully!!! Thanks to Carrie Wolf! No need to draw them! They are Awesome!! Susie, Petoskey,mi